Baguio Food Crawl 2019 Day 2, 6th Stop: Hub A Byte

Hub A Byte

Session Road is a breeding ground for plenty of artisanal cafes and restaurants, Hub A Byte is one of those new places that you must try, now being developed also into a quaint co-working space, you might want to work and munch on sayote fries, delicious chicken quesadilla (our favorite) and a slurp of their many amazing milk and fruit shakes (they have good cakes too).


Photo by Pilipinaspopcorn

It is really built for the “working tambay,” and the hungry observer with a generous view of upper Session Road, it gives you a feel of being one with the Baguio workforce with a warm comfy meal.


Photo by Sheryll Ico


Photo by Pilipinaspopcorn


Photo by Sheryll Ico


Photo by Sheryll Ico


Photo by Pilipinaspopcorn


Photo by Pilipinaspopcorn




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