2018-July-12 The Other Bloggers Food Crawl Day 1 La Union

2018-July-12 The Other Bloggers Food Crawl Day 1 Baguio

2018-April-03 Venus Garden

2018-March-07 Mario’s

2018-March-08 Solibao

2018-March-27 The Fat Belly Project

2017-December-13 Cafe Adriana, Vanilla Cafe, Bato-Bato Plate, Firewood Pizzeria, Rasa Pura

2017-May-11  TOB Food Crawl Year 1 2017 Day 2

2017-April-26 TOB Food Crawl Year 1 2017 Day 1

2017-March-15 Joie De Vivre

2017-February-08 The Other Office

2017-February-06 Villa Cordillera

2016-October-13 Shoriken Minesview

2016-August-24 Krispy Kreme

2016-February-28 BrrrGrrr Bistro

2015-October-23 Le Monet

2015-July-28 Balajadia Kitchenette

2015-July-27 Pancake House

2015-July-07 Cafe Yagam

2015-June-30 Cookout

2015-January-14 Patch Cafe

2014-July-30 Rumah Sate Barkada Meal

2014-July-27 Opera Cake: Best Cake in the World

2014-July-26 Aklay Buffet at Hill Station 2014

2014-July-18  Baguio Macarons

2014-July-17 – Ozark Diner

2014-May-28- L’ami Frenchy *

2014-May-15- Grumpy Joe

2014-March-04- Barney’s Burgers

2014-January-23- Rasa Pura

2013-December-13- Glyco Sweetshop *

2013-December-12- Alfoncito’s Place

2013-November-1- Dane’s Bakery Cinnamon Twist

2013- October-30- Baguio Food Tour 2013

2013-August-31- Amare La Cucina 

2013-August-20 – Turf Lounge

2013-August-19- Under the Tree Book Cafe

2013-July-24 – Pop and Mac Kinuday

2013-July-22- Kiwi’s Bread and Pastry Shop *

2013-June-26 – Battle of the Herbs: Sage and Bayleaf

2013-June-12- Baguio Dairy Farm Yoghurt *

2013-June-06 – Peter Pinder Marmalade *

2013-June-01 – Beans Talk Bistro 

2013-May-08 – Cafe Sapore: Great Drinks, Okay Food

2013-April-11 – Le Monet : Dinelli Gourmet and the Malt Room

2013-March-08 – Silungan, Bulaluhan and Mamihan- the Turo-turo on the Hill, the Alley eatery and Rose Cafe

2013- February- 27- Hill Station Tapas Bar and Restaurant *

2013-February-26 Panagbenga – Session Road in Bloom

2013-February-22- Volante

2013-February-21- Jack’s vs Good Taste vs Emil Rose 

2013-February-01-  Engineer’s Hill Egg Pie 

2013-February-01 – Cuore Buffet , Citylight Vietnamese Pho and Everything Nice

2013-January-08 – Divine Sweet Delights

2012- December 13 – Cosy’s Rosterie

2012-December 10 –  Azotea Greens in La Azotea

2012- December 08 – Eats in Baguio Makes it to the Hill Station Website

2012-December 02 – Canto at Ketchup Food Community *

2012-November 21 –That Thai Place at the SM Food Court

2012-November 16 – Aguinaya’s Cloche

2012- November 12- The Aklay Buffet at Hill Station *

2012-November 11 – South Drive’s Secret Garden

2012-November 8 – Breakfast at Le Chef at the Camp John Hay Manor *

2012-September 6 – The Fireplace at Villa Cordillera

2012-August 31- The Malt Room at Le Monet in Camp John Hay

2012-Jul-19: Eat All Started in Sagada

2012-Jun 24:  Ahmads

2012-Jun 21:  Eat Avenue

2012-Jun 19:  Cafe by the Ruins

2012-Jun 17:   RIP Gecko

2012-Jun 01:   PNKY Travel Cafe

2012- May 22:  Don Henrico’s 

2012- May 17:  Ketchup: Food Community – Cafe Circolo

2012- May 17:  Ketchup: Food Community – Rumah Sate

2012- Mar 19:  Battle of the Mongolian Buffets

2012- Mar 13:  Canto Bogchi Joint

2012- Mar 05:  Mother’s Garden (in the Sky)

2012- Mar 05:  Good Taste, Good Price, Good Deal

2012- Jan 24:  Te Quiero, with love

2012- Jan 24:  Chef’s Home Special Roti and Sambal – A taste of heaven and hell *

2011- Nov 10:  Chef’s Home — A Taste of Asia

2011- Nov 03:  Gecko

2011-Nov 02:  50′s Diner

2011-Nov 02: Cafe Will -do!

2011- Sep 24:  Don Henrico’s (Pics only)

2011- Sep 17:  Chay-again *

2011- Sep 17:  Citylight Hotel

2011- Aug 15:  Hill Station

2011- Jul 13:     Hodori

2011- Jul 13:     Forest House

2011- Jul 7:     Red Station (Another Korean Resto in B-city)

2011-  Jul 7:    The Bab and Ramen

2011-  Jul 7:    That Korean Resto Above Forest Inn

2011-  Jun 25:  Chaya: Contemporary Japanese Restaurant *

2011- Jun 25:   Eats Here (The Maiden Post)


12 thoughts on “Archives

  1. birthday’coming up and this year..i plan to have a food trip celebration. google led me to your blog and all i can say is….BRING IT ON! kudos to you and your foodie adventure. see you around..=)

  2. Hi! I’d like to commend what you’ve done here. You totally brought the food out from Baguio down to Manila. Would like to ask just one question as me and my girlfriend will be going there pretty soon. Can you recommend me a restaurant that’s superb and is romantic enough? Cheers!

    • I’d say – Hill Station, Le Chef at the Manor in Camp John Hay, Forest House in Loakan (dine at night on the veranda so you don’t see the houses next to it..hehe), The Malt Room in Le Monet (also in John Hay). Depends really on your 1-taste/ preference – Filipino, French, Italian, Vegetarian? 2- Budget – the 3 I mentioned are a little pricey. Other less pricey options include – Ketchup across Wright Park , and Volante is right next to it with really nice outdoor seating. Then there’s the Secret Garden tucked in South Drive, then there’s Mother’s Garden in Quezon Hill (amazing panoramic view at night of the city) or PNKY Travel Cafe is nice too with outdoor seating. Anywhere you eat in Baguio can be pretty romantic. I believe (beauty queen moment here) that it’s really who you’re with not where you are. That said, make each eat-out romantic and memorable! Happy eating!

  3. hey there! your blog site is probably one of the bests with regards to Baguio restaurants. I’ve been to Baguio several times before and thought I know enough of the city, turns out there’s still a lot to discover! I’m bringing my Canadian fiancee to Baguio next year of February and I don’t know where to start eating out! There’s just so many choices in such little time as Baguio is just our side trip coming from Sagada. I have a few questions though, is Secret Garden not far from the city proper and is Mother’s Garden better at dinner time? Thank you and keep on blogging! God bless! 🙂

    • Secret Garden and Mother’s Garden are both outisde the City Proper. I haven’t checked out a lot of the Mother’s Garden offering but the view is great at night. If you’re more for food than location- I’d say go to Hill Station.

  4. I like your blogs! I came searching for a place to study as a highschool student here in Baguio City for a review tomorrow and I found coffee shops in your blogs with very nice reviews and details! 😀

  5. my husband and i will be going to baguio right after christmas and i was looking for places to eat that we havent tried before. your blog is a real big help! we will only be there for 3 days so it will really be hard to choose from what you blogged about. but we will certainly try ozark’s, te quiero and kiwi’s bread and pastry shop. bean’s talk and volante are also on the short list. will browse more. thanks a lot!

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