Pancake House opens in SM City Baguio

Pancake House held a dry run for its latest branch in SM City Baguio (the third in the city) this week. This post covers the sampling of food that your Eats in Baguio representatives tried. We wanted to have a good variety of flavors, so we had an appetizer, two meals, and for dessert — what else? — an order of pancakes.

We started off with the Fiesta Taco Salad, per suggestion of our waiter. It’s a good mix of lettuce leaves, some chopped vegetables, beans, grated cheese, chicken, and taco shells. While most taco salads have beef for protein, the chicken was an interesting substitute. You’ll also notice the texture — the taco shells, which we opted to crush before enjoying the salad, add a nice crunch. We could have done with more cheese, but overall, we loved how fresh the Fiesta Taco Salad was. It was good as an appetizer, but could also be a light meal for our health-conscious or dieting friends.

The meal proper included Grilled Ham and Cheese and Seafood Gambero for us.

The Grilled Ham and Cheese was indeed grilled right. It’s served with a side of fries and some pickles and pineapple. The cheese was melted just enough that it’s oozing and indulgent without being too messy. The fries were crunchy but a little bland. Depending on your preference, you can use salt, pepper, or ketchup to remedy this. We opted for all three. Nonetheless, we give Pancake House’s Grilled Ham and Cheese a 9 out of 10.

The Seafood Gambero is deceptively heavy. The no-frills presentation makes it look like a small meal, but it’s actually a good serving of pasta and seafood, including a mussel and some shrimp. We liked how the sauce was not sweet. There was a lot going on in this pasta. We agreed it’s a good combination of flavors, and a pretty solid fix for your seafood cravings.

Naturally, at the soft opening for Pancake House, we had to try an order of pancakes. We shared their Blueberry Pancakes and were by no means disappointed. They’re served piping hot, making the butter easy to spread. The blueberries are cooked into the pancake batter rather than piled on top of already-prepared pancakes. There are even more blueberries in the syrup, but we recommend trying the pancakes with just butter before committing to pouring all the syrup on them, because they are already quite sweet. The Blueberry Pancakes are a must try and can be enjoyed for either breakfast or dessert.

Overall, the Pancake House experience was a good one. Aside from the great food, we enjoyed the homey atmosphere and accommodation by the friendly, doting staff. There’s plenty of seating and a wide variety of meals to choose from, so it’s definitely a place that the whole family can enjoy.


Honest Stitches of Patch Cafe

Before heading home, by coincidence, cousins and I ended up at the newly renovated and renamed cafe at Bloomfield Hotel, the Patch Cafe. Forgot what it used to be called but I do remember what it used to look like. In all fairness, the renovations plus new concept and chic decors changed the atmosphere. Along with the change in space is the change in the menu items and service. All better. Much, much better from what I remember dining there some two years ago.

Their sweet Cappuccino

Was handed the menu of 3 print-out pages on a clipboard. Cute. Selection range includes all-day brunch, sandwiches, pasta dishes and hot and cold beverages. A true cafe. Nice. Although, not on the menu are their displayed selections of cakes, cupcakes and pastries, which i didn’t notice ’til later. Note to self: need to check those out another time…

While sipping my cappuccino, I checked out more of the menu and thought, “I’m hungry”. Among the sandwich choices, the “Bleu Burger” stood out. According to the menu, it’s their “signature beef burger…” and what made it “bleu” (french for the “blue”) was the blue cheese infused into it. Interesting, yeah?

Served in a grilled store-bought burger bun (no judgement, just an observation) with fresh vegetables and a simply dressed potato salad on the side, I’d say it’s one of the good and tasty burgers I’ve had. Juicy, seasoned just right, filling and you can say it’s freshly made – no “frozen patty” vibe. I’m sure the blue cheese was in there somewhere, but since it’s mixed in with other ingredients, the blue cheese-ness was toned down, which I think is fine. Blue cheese can be overpowering, sometimes. What i appreciated on that plate, in general, is the simplicity and honesty. It’s a burger and the burger stands out, as it should.

No added grease or condiments, no fluff, no messy sauce...I like!.

No added grease or condiments, no fluff, no messy sauce…I like!.

Went back two days after to meet with friends. It’s a nice and convenient hangout spot and was kind of impressed with the burger, so, I wanted to try more of their picks. This time, had brunch…at 1 in the afternoon. It’s unhealthy, I know.

Eggs Benedict, in the strict sense, is poached egg served with bacon on an english muffin and hollandaise sauce (savory, thick, creamy, butter-based sauce). Haven’t had eggs benedict in a while, so i tried the “Patch Benedict” – their version of it. This time, it came as a poached egg served with bacon and lettuce on a perfectly toasted slice of good bread and delightfully cheesy sauce. Although I found the egg a bit overcooked, I still enjoyed the balance of velvety yolk with crisp bacon, cheese sauce-soaked bread and the lettuce gives a refreshing effect to every fork-full (which I devoured with gusto).

Because benedicts are not common breakfast menu items, this was a treat!

Also, Benedicts are not as common breakfast menu items around town, so, in a way, this was a treat!

I asked my companion to order the “Chili Tuyo Pasta”. It’s the item on the pasta menu that wasn’t common. I thought of ordering for myself but I was already full from my own plate, so, I asked him to get it so I can have a taste off of his. Thank God for enablers! Haha!

Has local zing and zang, this one.

Has local zing and zang, this one. Love it! Although, would have liked it more with garlic bread (hint, hint)

Visually, it’s linguine pasta in olive oil with flaked tuyo, chili flakes, topped with Parmasean cheese and slivered green onions. On the tongue, it’s a delightful bit more. Simple as it is, pasta dressed with oil tend to turn out with a greasy feel. I was happy that this was not. It’s neutral pasta, salty tuyo and parmasean, spice coming from the chili flakes and a dash of chili may have been infused into the olive oil. Could feel the tingle on the lips. But wait, there’s more and it’s a kicker. It’s subtle, but the tangy-ness of lime pops up wonderfully. I loved the blend of honest flavors in this!

A nice and hip hangout for small groups, pairs or for individuals to just sit and chill. It’s right smack in the middle of town so, it’s convenient. I like that each dish I’ve had, so far, had no pretensions and didn’t try too hard. It was refreshing. The build-up of expectations was subtle, it was impressive. Nicely played!

Like stitches, I hope they keep it consistent, to keep the patch in place.

(Krish note: Notice the awesome writing on this one? I could only do a fraction of what’s done here – and that’s me being optimistic ūüôā Thanks to my favorite eating buddy (Chef) Aguinaya for this post. We indeed are happy to have Aguinaya write more delicious¬†posts on Eats in Baguio.)