Exchange Links

Exchange Links is otherwise known as an inter-plug. 😀 . I’d like to thank my friends and fellow bloggers for helping me out put up my own blog. I’ve kept a personal blog since 2004 but this is my first topic-specific blog everrrr.

Here they are:— Tarlac’s #1 female travel blogger (because I say so! haha)  Chronicles a young woman’s travel (and life) experiences here and abroad — about Philippine travel, culture and food — great stuff about a great place called Sagada — two incredible guys’  journey around the Philippines — stories narrated in differently wonderful perspectives. — a woman’s journey through life. travels, experiences, people and insights! —  a lifestyle and entertainment magazine with reports on healthy living, culture, TV&movies, celebrity scoop and more!

And here’s some of my personal non-friend favorites: — when Lourd De Veyra got into mainstream and all of a sudden a big hit, I had to look for a new satirist — all the news that’s hip to print


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