Starting the day with breakfast at Villa Cordillera

Starting the day with breakfast at Villa Cordillera

Even for the most nocturnal of night owls, it’s worth it to get up in the morning and enjoy a hearty breakfast.  We were invited to try out The Other Office at Villa Cordillera’s breakfast buffet on a cool Sunday morning, and we happily obliged.

Villa Cordillera is an extension of Baguio Country Club.  Although it’s much smaller than the Club, you’ll find that same old Baguio charm in the architecture and the same high standard of service from the wait staff.dsc_1122_wm

We were seated, per request, away from the windows, and promptly brought coffee.  The buffet was spread over three areas: one for drinks, breads and rice options, one for fruits and vegetables, and one egg station manned by one of the The Other Office staff members.

Coffee is always good for warming up on a chilly Baguio morning.  You can also have a bowl of their potato soup with croutons.  We liked it because it was flavorful and filling.

Since breakfast is by definition about breaking your fast after a good night’s sleep, we filled up on protein.  Meat dishes can be paired with garlic rice.  If you like the garlic flavor in your garlic rice strong, theirs might not quite hit the spot for you.  It’s just a mild garlic rice, but it goes well with the meat selections.

As one does with any classic Filipino breakfast, The Other Office serves longganisa.  They are sliced in half and cooked quite well, giving them an interesting crunch.  However, of all the savory viands, our favorite was the bistek bangus.  It’s an interesting combination of flavors; the tangy sauce eliminates the need for soy or any other addition you’d usually make to bangus.


To balance the meal out a bit, we shared an omelet with the works.  Since the The Other Office staff takes care of your order at the egg station, you can have it any way you want.  We opted for an omelet stuffed with mushrooms, cheese, ham, onions, and some peppers.  We had it alongside the other dishes, but if you’re looking to eat light, you can make it a meal all on its own. If you’re in the mood for even healthier options, their stir-fried Baguio vegetables with tofu is a must-try.

Baguio Country Club is famous for many things, not the least among them stellar service and a fabulous bakery.  The breads and pastries at The Other Office’s buffet come fresh out of the BCC bakery.  We especially loved the cinnamon rolls – a happy ending to a great breakfast.


Photo by Shem Padua

All in all, The Other Office breakfast buffet is a good way to enjoy Baguio mornings away from the city center.  They offer comfortable, intimate indoor seating, as well as al fresco dining for days when the weather is especially nice.  Service is fast and friendly.  The buffet is best approached on an empty stomach and, of course, shared with friends.

The Other Office is located at Outlook Drive, Baguio City, Philippines. (074) 442 6036 They’re open from 6AM – 12 AM.

Breakfast buffet is available during weekends from 6AM – 10AM.

Bargain Buffet at Shoriken Minesview

Over the last few years, Baguio has raised its standards for good quality, affordable Japanese food, with ramen bars and sushi restaurants popping up all over the city.  It looks like Shoriken Minesview, which opened its doors just last month, will not be left behind.


The Eats in Baguio team had the chance to try out Shoriken’s dinner buffet.  This included miso soup, two kinds of rice (white and fried), and a good selection of meat-and-vegetable options.  There was also a nice variety of sushi and sashimi, and some fruits and cakes for dessert.  Shoriken offers a colorful lineup of drinks, including the pink lemonade and blue lemonade one can order from their sister restaurants, Yamashita and Sakura Terraces.


The location is fairly easy to find, just a short distance from the entrance of Minesview.  It is warm and well-lit.  The restaurant looks small from the outside but can actually accommodate big groups with ground floor and upstairs seating, as well as a section that can be reserved for private parties or meetings.  When we dined there, there was also live music.

We started our meal with a bowl of miso soup.  You can help yourself to your preferred amount of nori and tofu.  Then, since we love sushi and sashimi, we tried every kind they had.  The salmon sushi is seared with a blowtorch.  We got to watch the staff preparing it as we filled our plates.  Our favorites from their selection were the tuna sashimi and tuna roll.  The fish tasted fresh and was seasoned just right.  They also fried the ebi tempura at this table.  This was another favorite of ours, especially because the batter was thin and crunchy.

Of the protein offerings, our recommendations are the chicken teriyaki and the Japanese hamburger steak.  The latter is a beef patty with some herbs and spices in sweet sauce with a little bit of kick.  It’s highly savory, so we had it with rice.  Both the plain and fried rice dishes were suitably sticky, which means you’ll have no problem getting your fill if you prefer using chopsticks to a spoon and fork.  If you don’t feel like teriyaki or hamburger steak, they offer roast pork and stir-fry beef, as well.


After we’d had enough rice, we tried the potato croquettes.  The croquettes were served in good proportions to go with your protein of choice.  Alternately, if you’re opting to cut back on meat, they can also be filling on their own.  Don’t worry about being neat with potato croquettes — they’ll be messy to eat, so go ahead and just break them open and dig in.


If you’d like the full Shoriken experience, check them out at Minesview Park.  They offer a fabulous buffet on weekends for Php499 per head and on weekdays for Php299 (lunch) and Php399 (dinner) per head.  Dinner menu has more to offer you compared to lunch. You may call ahead to make a reservation at 09177808788.  Like them on Facebook [] for updates, buffet schedule, and more pictures.

Watch the highlights below: