This IS your FUTURE

This IS your FUTURE


Photo by Shem Padua Photography

Its apt to say we docked our hungry starships at Future Diner by Hotel Supreme, intrepidly wolfing up all the food we ate at warp speed.

While everyone is trying to recapture the past, FUTURE diner is thematically looking forward to where no man had gone before…. Gastronomic Heaven set in the millennia where such things such as Mango. Pizza exists!


Future Diner’s Mango Blast Pizza. Photo by Shem Padua Photography

Future diner’s flagship meal is their famous Mango Blast, yes it is pizza with mango slices as toppings, this unique sweet and savory meal is coveted by not only tourists but Baguio folk as well, if you’re not too crazy about mango blast their classic supreme pizza is delightfully classic pizza topped with “THE WORKS”.


Future Diner’s Supreme Pizza. Photo by Shem Padua Photography

If you are a burger kind of person get the half-moon burger, eclipsed with a healthy serving of potato fries, this will go well with their delicious fruit and milk shakes, add more grease to the pot and have a savory serving of fried chicken aptly called the twin pack… Make sure you have this with a friend, share the glory of gastronomic pleasure.


Future Diner’s Half-Moon Burger. Photo by Shem Padua Photography


Future Diner’s Twin Pack. Photo by Shem Padua Photography


Future Diner’s Seafood Plasma. Photo by Shem Padua Photography

Now if you want to somehow get on with the future without any hitches on the health department, then the perfect platform to start from is a healthy bowl of fruits called the launch pad. Add a dose of sweet moon drops and you got yourself a classic banana split!


Enjoyed yourself? Thinking of blasting off to this place? It’s part of Hotel Supreme’ s supreme awesomeness, rediscover future diner and you will never go to the dark side of the moon.




All photos belong to Shem Padua Photography.


TOB Food Crawl 2018 Leg Two: A Journey through ElYu for Your Tastebuds

As we lounged around the wonderful Puerto De San Juan (accommodation sponsor), we can’t help but talk about how much of La Union’s foodscape grew; there are so many new places to eat, so much variety actually …especially along the city of San Fernando and San Juan town, the foodscape has grown considerably in the past few years continuously expanding to cater for the foodie instagrammable set.

And we at Eats in Baguio were lucky to have continued our second day for the 2nd leg of the The Other Bloggers Food crawl 2018, this time in the warm sandy region of La Union.



Photo by Ben Pagtulingan

The Food Project La Union

Everyone loves variety and this cool Instagram worthy food park packs a punch with all this delicious food stalls teaming with all the viands of food you might want to gorge yourself with.



What The Pho

What the Pho serves famous Vietnamese dishes, remember Coffee Library? When we told you they had “phonomenal pho?” we were not kidding you, this is the same amazing recipe (What The Pho is Coffee Library’s baby) aside from the pho, they have a bunch of amazing dishes to die for… Oh yes, were not exaggerating, were salivating!



Photo by Ben Pagtulingan


Its friggin ribbed! Savory sarap! Ribs like you’ve never had before, a must have, like really, were cutting down the choices for you.


Photo by Ben Pagtulingan



Photo by Ben Pagtulingan

Chick Inn

Witty as it sounds, chick inn is all about giving your good old chicken wings a twist of amazing flavors that won’t disappoint. Please try all the flavors, and pick your favorite. In our case we loved everything


Photo by Ben Pagtulingan


Photo by Ben Pagtulingan

Layag Grille and Kilawen Bar

We were gluttons by the sea, besieged with all these irresistible grilled seafood recipes originating from Davao, and of course there is nothing like dining on a dock overlooking the beach. Another one of those places for your barkada or family, because of their large servings.


Photo by Ben Pagtulingan


Photo by Ben Pagtulingan


Photo by Ben Pagtulingan


Photo by Ben Pagtulingan

Sugar Artisan 

What dessert dreams are made off, this is heaven for you who have a sweet tooth. We dare you to dive into a dessert buffet, yes a DESSERT BUFFET! they have delicious coffee, frappes and all these colorful confectionery setups delightfully in their quaint cool cottage along Urbiztondo.


Photo by Ben Pagtulingan


Photo by Ben Pagtulingan


Photo by Ben Pagtulingan


Photo by Ben Pagtulingan

Valentino’s Cake Boutique

They have the best-selling yema cakes in La Union and Valentinos also creates a variety of desserts like the ever Instagrammable favorite French macaroons. they also do a lot of custom made cakes and cupcakes… And yes, may we again mention their amazing yema cakes? No wonder they are best sellers, absolutely delightful.


Photo by Ben Pagtulingan


Photo by Ben Pagtulingan


Photo by Ben Pagtulingan

Elyu’s Surfers Grill

Grill and chill is the name of the game, eat all you can grill with fresh fish, meat  etc. you name it, you eat it. They also have bands at night, and that’s the “”chill part”, this is what we would call the busogan, eat til you drop dead portion of the program, we implore you to come here on an empty stomach.


Photo by Ben Pagtulingan


Photo by Ben Pagtulingan


Photo by Ben Pagtulingan


Thank you Puerto De San Juan!


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