Cookout by Size Matters

(Woohoo-  This is Jhapes’ first entry for Eats in Baguio! Many more to come! – Krish)

I heard of this place about a week ago through social media while my friend and I were looking for someplace new to check out. After attending my schoolmates’ graduation rights, we decided to have dinner there. We hailed a cab and told our manong driver to head to Albergo Hotel. Cookout is hard to miss since it’s along the facade of the building.

We were greeted by the staff who were all smiles as we entered the place. I’m not quite sure what to call the theme of the place but it felt appropriate for the kind of food their name suggested.

Cookout's light-up signage along with framed photos of some of their meals.

Cookout’s light-up signage on exposed brick along with framed photos of some of their meals.

Cookout's wooden logo singage under warm lighting.

Cookout’s wooden logo singage under warm lighting.

I sometimes have this thing of asking the people who eat with me to order different things so I can have a sampling of a restaurant’s meals. Luckily my friend happily obliged to do so. We placed our orders and several minutes later, they served us our food. You know how food advertisements look nothing like the real thing? Well, Cookout isn’t part of that “truth.” 😀

For appetizers we got a for sharing-sized chili cheese fries. The fries were crispy, the mayo was creamy and light, the cheese was gooey good, and the salsa (maybe it’s not salsa? I’m not quite sure) had enough savory flavor to it. Oh and the pickled jalapeno slices tied everything together.

The pickled jalapeno peppers perfectly complement Cookouts' Chili Cheese Fries.

The pickled jalapeno peppers perfectly complement Cookouts’ Chili Cheese Fries.

By the time our main orders arrived, this is how our tables looked like:

We already ate half of the fries1

We already ate half of the fries!

I ordered a 1/4 lbs “The Italian Burger Job” and my friend got a 1/4 lbs “The Bacon Cheese Burger”. Both were served on aluminum plates with a piece of “burger paper” (haha) to hold their food with.

Smoky flavors with every bite.

Smoky flavors with every bite.

Crunchy deep friend onions ftw!

Crunchy deep friend onions ftw!

My burger had great smoky and grilled flavor but it remained quite juicy nevertheless. The lettuce and tomatoes were fresh and the caramelized onions on top of the grilled beef patty weren’t too sweet for my taste.

Look at that juicy goodness!

Look at that juicy goodness!

I kinda expected that the beef patty in the Bacon Cheese Burger would also have a recognizable grilled flavor similar to my burger but it was more subtle. It was still good, though! The bacon and deep fried onions were crunchy and the veggies were also fresh.

The buns for both burgers were made of white bread topped with toasted oats. I wish the buns were toasted a bit but it wasn’t a deal breaker.

For our pampatulak, we ordered a glass of iced tea and wintermelon milk tea. It was delicious and not too sweet but there was nothing really special about it. Their tea tasted like it was brewed and not powdered so that’s a plus. Their milk tea pearls were soft and chewy like it was meant to be so that made me happy as well. They had beers on their menu but I’ll try that along with their other meals next time.

Overall, I was very delighted with my first experience at Cookout. Their staff, although always busy, were very attentive and seemed happy to serve their customers. This added to the chill vibe of the whole place. They had clean facilities (yes including the restrooms) and you can also get a peek at how your food is prepared.

Cookout's busy staff plus a view of their kitchen.

Cookout’s busy staff plus a view of their kitchen.

Our total bill was almost Php 600 but it was definitely worth it. As an added bonus, they had a mini stall of Glyco Sweetshop cupcakes near the entrance — perfect when you need a quick dessert fix. I’m sure this is not the last time I’ll be going there. 😀

Cookout caters for events as well! Check them out on their facebook page here. They posted their menus and contact details there, too.

Glyco Sweet Shop

My motto is: If you can’t bake, buy. 🙂

This is no exaggeration but I think 4 out 5 of my friends bake. I used to make a decent apple pie but making crust from scratch is just really tedious work. Besides, a personality test I recently took said baking is just ain’t my thang – well it said – I can’t stand routine and too detailed work (except maybe if I get paid good money for it).

I’m glad that there are a whole bunch of bakers in Baguio City. My recent find is Glyco Sweet Shop. They’re located at DPS compound – the Utility road – the turning point, where you find the CIDG office. It’s an unexpected sight in a rather unpretty part of the city.


It’s not just a pretty face, Glyco makes really good cupcakes. And this is no exaggeration because I’ve gone around the city tasting cupcakes – a lot I’ve had have overpromised and underdeliverd. Glyco’s Sweet Shop simply delivers! 🙂

Here’s my favorite their Green Tea Cupcake. I like the bitterness of the green tea I detect at the back of my mouth. The cake is dense, moist and mildly sweetened. No overwhelming flavors. Just a good kick of green tea in every bite.



Mac, the owner says that each recipe has been researched and developed. A lot of thought has gone into making each bite a sweet experience.

They envisioned themselves to be a place where Manila- bound travelers can get their Baguio pasalubong. After all, they’re just a stone’s throw away from the Victory Terminal. Their “star product” is the egg tart.


I love the balance of flaky, chewy and smooth in each bite. Definitely a must-try.


They also have the following. ImageImage

I am a self-proclaimed carrot cake / cupcake connoisseur! Haha. And I declare this carrot cupcake a must-try. Personally, I’d like the cream cheese to be a little more sour- but that’s just me. I like little surprises on my cupcakes. A bit of this, this and that.ImageImageI had this too! I’m not a big red velvet fan, but this one’s better than the one I had at one cupcake stand somewhere in Assumption road.

And don’t miss the dirty chocolate and mint. It’s the green one at the back with Choc Chips.

(added conclusion to the original post. I don’t like how this post seemed bitin. hehe)

In life, sometimes you just want a cupcake (or an egg tart..hehe) – and Glyco Sweet Shop is a bright spot in Baguio’s dessert scene ( Yes, Baguio has a dessert scene- watch out for my dessert post. 🙂 ). Their cupcakes are superb- they’re R&D’d  (hehe)- that is– carefully crafted, baked with love and served with an extra serving of sweetness from their awesome staff and owners! Some make cupcakes- Glyco makes super cupcakes. Truth be told, I’ve seen cupcakes and cakes that are more visually appealing- but Glyco prides itself in what can’t be seen but tasted and felt! 🙂 I’m looking forward to the next flavors they’re coming out with. No pressure, Glyco, no pressure 🙂

ImageThey also accept customized cake orders like this one:

ImageCheck out their Facebook Page here: