Baguio Food Crawl 2019 Day 2, 6th Stop: Hub A Byte

Hub A Byte

Session Road is a breeding ground for plenty of artisanal cafes and restaurants, Hub A Byte is one of those new places that you must try, now being developed also into a quaint co-working space, you might want to work and munch on sayote fries, delicious chicken quesadilla (our favorite) and a slurp of their many amazing milk and fruit shakes (they have good cakes too).


Photo by Pilipinaspopcorn

It is really built for the “working tambay,” and the hungry observer with a generous view of upper Session Road, it gives you a feel of being one with the Baguio workforce with a warm comfy meal.


Photo by Sheryll Ico


Photo by Pilipinaspopcorn


Photo by Sheryll Ico


Photo by Sheryll Ico


Photo by Pilipinaspopcorn


Photo by Pilipinaspopcorn




Baguio Food Crawl 2019 Day 1, 1st Stop: The Filtered Affair

1st Stop: The Filtered Affair


You all know how much we love The Blind Filter Kitchen, stemming from the fact that their artisan coffee and frappe concoctions are very much different from the usual, What The Fog and Oh Ship among others are bestsellers and are very reasonably priced.


This gem along the new Bakakeng university belt of food hubs also boasts popular dishes created by chef Ro of Cafe De Angelo…then of course Kenneth Miclat,  Bakakeng’s new coffee beau with his many flavored drinks.


#BFK by Cafe De Angelo is an affair made in heaven; filtered dripping coffee goodness and sumptuous rice bowls, burgers and the signature Cafe De Angelo appetizers are worth a ride from town to Bakakeng. Oh and you can rent their place too! Think of them for your next birthday bash!


Bulalove Flakes (P95.00)


Tinapa Pasta (P85.00)



Bibim-Mug (P110.00)

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Bacon Burger (P135.00)


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The Blind Filter Kitchen Map