Rediscovering Hotel Supreme: Lotus House

Supreme Hotel’s Lotus House serves a delectable array of classic Chinese cuisine with a few crossovers in the mix. Lotus House is one of the original restaurants within the hotel apart from Ivy’s Grill and Restaurant.

We were treated to a sumptuous re-introduction to the their dishes that have been tasted and enjoyed by everyone who went in and out of its doors, and now here are the starters, out for you to try and enjoy.

There is a high chance that you will be having these meals at least 2 or 3 x in a year if you got events lined up at Hotel Supreme, otherwise, just eat to your hearts delight!!!

Yang Chow Fried Rice


Lotus House by Hotel Supreme Yang Chow Fried Rice. Photo by Ben Pagtulingan

Thai Fried Chicken
We said crossover right? But it’s still your good old fried chicken seasoned in Asian spices.


Lotus House by Hotel Supreme Thai Fried Chicken. Photo by Ben Pagtulingan 

Chow mien
Everyone has their own version of Chinese stir fried noodles, it wouldn’t hurt to try Lotus Cafes version.


Lotus House by Hotel Supreme Chow Mien. Photo by Ben Pagtulingan 

Steamed Lapu-lapu in Ginger Leek Sauce.
A must-have dish for a complete Chinese food experience. It’s always best to eat it with the ginger!


Lotus House by Hotel Supreme Steamed Lapu-lapu in Ginger Leek Sauce. Photo by Ben Pagtulingan 

Braised Beef Flank with Black Mushrooms
Well seasoned beef paired with black mushrooms that has a fine combination of sweet and savory flavor.


Lotus House by Hotel Supreme Braised Beef Flank with Black Mushroom. Photo by Ben Pagtulingan 


Lotus House by Hotel Supreme Fried Prawns. Photo by Ben Pagtulingan 

Fried Prawns with Chili Garlic Sauce
Well seasoned prawns, fried and paired with chili garlic sauce.


Lotus House by Hotel Supreme Hot & Sour Soup. Photo by Ben Pagtulingan 


Lotus House by Hotel Supreme Almond Gelatin with Lychees. Photo by Ben Pagtulingan 



All photos here are owned by Ben Pagtulingan Photography. 

This IS your FUTURE

This IS your FUTURE


Photo by Shem Padua Photography

Its apt to say we docked our hungry starships at Future Diner by Hotel Supreme, intrepidly wolfing up all the food we ate at warp speed.

While everyone is trying to recapture the past, FUTURE diner is thematically looking forward to where no man had gone before…. Gastronomic Heaven set in the millennia where such things such as Mango. Pizza exists!


Future Diner’s Mango Blast Pizza. Photo by Shem Padua Photography

Future diner’s flagship meal is their famous Mango Blast, yes it is pizza with mango slices as toppings, this unique sweet and savory meal is coveted by not only tourists but Baguio folk as well, if you’re not too crazy about mango blast their classic supreme pizza is delightfully classic pizza topped with “THE WORKS”.


Future Diner’s Supreme Pizza. Photo by Shem Padua Photography

If you are a burger kind of person get the half-moon burger, eclipsed with a healthy serving of potato fries, this will go well with their delicious fruit and milk shakes, add more grease to the pot and have a savory serving of fried chicken aptly called the twin pack… Make sure you have this with a friend, share the glory of gastronomic pleasure.


Future Diner’s Half-Moon Burger. Photo by Shem Padua Photography


Future Diner’s Twin Pack. Photo by Shem Padua Photography


Future Diner’s Seafood Plasma. Photo by Shem Padua Photography

Now if you want to somehow get on with the future without any hitches on the health department, then the perfect platform to start from is a healthy bowl of fruits called the launch pad. Add a dose of sweet moon drops and you got yourself a classic banana split!


Enjoyed yourself? Thinking of blasting off to this place? It’s part of Hotel Supreme’ s supreme awesomeness, rediscover future diner and you will never go to the dark side of the moon.




All photos belong to Shem Padua Photography.